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Bingo Jackpots and Payout Percentages

The main reasons why playing bingo is a like an epidemic among gamblers is due to the fact that it is capable of bringing fun, thrill and excitement to its game abound bigger jackpot prizes to top it all.

From a simple bingo hall, anyone can play to win a jackpot prize of $50 to $100. In a bigger bingo hall that offers high stake games of bingo, the jackpot can soar high as $1 million. The prizes that can be won in a game of bingo usually are in the form of cash prizes but other casinos also offer a luxurious trip, a car and even novelty prizes as complimentary dinners or special drinks to their winners.

Typically, the jackpot prize is proportionate to the amount of income coming in to the casino with their bingo game. The payout percentage in most bingo halls can range at an average of 50-60 percent. Bingo players are able to enjoy bigger payout from the casino's determined payout percentage if high wagers are pouring in to their bingo games.

As in other casino games, the payout percentage is established by the casino in accordance to the local rules or state law of the jurisdiction where the bingo hall or casino belongs. The payout percentage is computed based from the accumulated amount of money that are placed as bets in the bingo game. The higher the wagers of the bingo players in a bingo session, the higher the payout of the game will be.

The bingo game jackpots can be at different prize range. Playing the progressive bingo game can give a winner a very huge payout where the jackpot prize increasingly progress higher as the bets of its players grow bigger until someone hit the special winning pattern. The odds of winning however may be curtailed by the condition that a player needs to hit the winning pattern in a few number of balls drawn to be eligible for the large payout.

Some bingo games are also giving a payout based from the percentage of the number of cards sold to its players. Playing at a high stakes game follows the rule of thumb that the higher the stakes the higher the payout as the percentage taken for the payout is based from a large sum of money.

High stakes game can offer a jackpot prize between $50,000 to $1 million. Playing for the super jackpot prizes can also entitle a bingo player to win higher payouts but with a slimmer chance to win because again of the constraints concerning the limited number of balls to be drawn that the winning pattern must be completed. Hitting the jackpot may take weeks or months.

The bingo game can give a good payout from its players usually determined in a percentage rate according to the money that the casino takes in as profit. The payout is what the casino return to their players to have a more enjoyable winning when playing the game of bingo in their establishments.