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Payout Percentages in Video Poker Varieties

The game of poker is no doubt a must casino game to play. Because of the overwhelming number of poker players, the need to offer an online poker version is recognized in order to provide better and more interesting game of poker to poker fanatics.

This paved the way to the game of video poker which is a more economical form of poker game version that combines the television monitor feature with a central processing unit that operates the poker game.

The video poker game is played by placing bets in the form of either coins or a bar coded credit tickets into the machine. The vide poker has a button that is pressed when dealing the cards. The video poker player has the option to either discard or keep the cards. Discarded cards are exchanged with a newly drawn card from the deck played.

The machine does not need third party or a dealer to evaluate the player's hand. It is capable of evaluating the hand and the corresponding payout once the hand matches a winning hand based on the machine's pay schedule.

There are various kinds of video poker games with a variation on their payout percentage. These variations branch out from the entertainment that poker gives to its players that the casinos feel they should provide different form of video poker games to entertain their players.

The full pay video poker game provides a maximum payback percentage which is the long term value returned to its player's wager. Full pay video poker has a payout percentage as close to 100 percent in a poker player with error free plays.

Another video poker variant, the full-pay Jacks offer a 99.5 percent average payout percentage when played using a perfect strategy. Video pokers must play this game with caution however as it takes a royal flush in order to get even with their losses in the long run of playing this game.

Full pay machines with higher payout percentage are usually lined along with other video poker games machines with a lower payout to let their players find the poker video that gives the highest payout. It should be noted that most video poker full pay machine only payout to the maximum once maximum bets are only played.

The Jack or Better video poker game also offers a higher payout percentage at 99.54 percent where the payout begins upon getting a pair of jacks or higher face cards. The highest payout video poker game variant is the Deuces Wild where all two cards serve as wild cards that can substitute for any card on the deck to get a better hand in poker. The theoretical return is 100.762 percent when played by a poker player using a perfect strategy.

The game of video poker essentially offer a higher payout percentage once it is played with an almost error free plays. Poker players must therefore polish their skills to maximize the benefits of a higher payout percentage of their gambling in a video poker game.