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The Odds on High Payout Percentage in Video Poker

Playing the game of video poker is an interesting and profitable game to play so long as the player chooses to play a video poker machine that offers a high payout to its players. The video poker games with the highest pay tables are known as full pay machines. Playing a full pay machine video poker in Vegas casinos can give a payout of as high as 100 percent.

The idea of winning a bigger payout percentage from playing the video poker can be a misleading concept especially to an occasional player. A thorough understanding on the odds of winning to attain the payout percentage when playing the video poker is important.

In order to understand how attainable the highest payout percentage in playing the video poker, there are two contributing factors that determine its overall payback. The first the frequency of making a hand and second how much money every hand contributes to the overall payback to the video poker machine.

The payout percentage in video poker usually corresponds to the average long term of playing the game which usually includes hitting the royal flush in poker. A poker player must have a realistic idea on the odds of winning with a correct perspective on the frequency of drawing a hand including the amount contributed to the total returns of the video poker game. The higher the wager the higher the payout rate they can get.

Considering that the frequency is the probability that a winning hand will occur, playing the video poker will show a hand frequency less often but in the long run of playing the game, a winning hand is bound to occur.

For a royal flush to occur it takes about 40,000 hands to play. To an average poker player with a speed of number of hands per hour at an average of 300-400, it usually takes about 100 hours for them to play about 40,000 hands at 400 hands per hour. It usually takes about 25 days to reach this number of hands when they are playing 4 hours a day on the average. For occasional players, this takes longer periods to reach the 40,000 hands if they want to make a run on availing the high payout percentage from a video poker.

An average or occasional video poker player should assess if it is attainable to reach this statistics when they play the game of video poker. One basic thing they can do is to improve their skills and strategy as well when playing this game. Because the video poker game is also a game of chance nobody knows what can happen within the short run of playing the game.

Although video poker does give a very high payout to its players not many are able to play long enough to see this payout. Hence occasional video poker players must set realistic goals of going after the high payout percentage offered by video poker with caution on their bankroll.

The end point of discussion is no matter what the odds of playing in video poker with its high payout percentage, its players should be able to maximize their gambling by enjoying the excitement they get from playing the video poker game.